Appliance Repair With JCL: Pros To The Rescue!

Appliance Repair With JCL: Pros To The Rescue!

As one of the best appliance repair shops in the country, we know how to show up and get everything fixed the right way the first time.

That’s a big value to our customers who are dealing with serious time-sensitive repair issues, and wondering who to call to get real fixes done.

Here are some of the most common jobs that we do on a regular basis…

Freezers and Icemakers

Freezing equipment is one of the modern marvels of appliance design, but there are lots of ways that these items get damaged or wear out over time, creating headaches for their owners.

A freezer can experience excessive buildup and stop working well, where it needs to be thawed out or fixed in some other way. The icemaker, for its part, is usually one of the first things to go on a modern refrigerator. They are hard to fix in a DIY scenario, partly because of how they are made at the factory. We can help!


Any time your dishwasher breaks, the clock is ticking. You want this thing fixed, and fixed fast.

But not so quick. There are spring-loaded elements and plastic pieces and a lot more to deal with, not counting the drainage and filters that you need to work with to effectively repair a dishwasher and make it work well again.

We are masters of the dishwasher fix, which is why we are on many people’s Rolodexes.

Ovens and Ranges

If your oven’s not heating or a range isn’t working properly, you can’t cook well, and then there are all of those safety concerns that you might have as you wait, on tenterhooks, for a professional opinion.

We’ll show up and diagnose your system and see what it needs, and get his things in place quickly, so you can be on your way back to whipping up gourmet cuisine for your dining audience! Whoever that is….

Wine Coolers

If you have vintage whites that you want chilled, or reds for that matter, your wine cooler needs to be effectively getting those temperatures down. And don’t forget the rose. Some people think that because they didn’t pay top dollar for one of these auxiliary coolers, they’re out of luck. Let us take a look.

Look, when you want appliance repair, you want a firm that knows its business and knows how to commit to 100% customer service outcomes.

You can trust the experience and expertise of JCL technicians and staff as we work tirelessly to help you improve your home and create a more livable environment there!