Four Problems With Vent Hoods

We fix a lot of things for local property owners: one type of job revolves around a common concern: they’re having a problem with the vent hood over their range.

We know that these problems vary quite a bit, and we have the know-how to fix whatever is wrong with your vent hood. A vent hood that’s not working properly can be a real nuisance and also might be unsafe!

Here are some of the major problems that we fix with these types of kitchen installations.

Vent Hood Not Clearing Smoke

The major purpose of the vent hood is to uptake the heat and smoke of cooking and vent it outdoors.

If that’s not happening, you’ll notice pretty quickly, and people often call professionals for help.

Smoke will build up indoors, and might trigger smoke alarms, or start making people cough and introduce unpleasant smells into the kitchen area.

We’ll diagnose the line and see why it’s not venting properly … and fix the issue! Our technicians know how to fix an appliance or system right the first time, so that you have peace of mind about everything that’s happening in your home. 

Motor Noise

Sometimes the biggest part of the problem is noise in the system. Customers may hear clanking, humming or buzzing sounds, or other unusual noise that signals some sort of malfunction or a vent hood running in poor condition. Why might this be?

It might be a problem with the fan motor, or something obstructing the blade. We can get in and find out pretty quickly what’s going on, and get you an effective solution. Again, that’s what customers need when they call a pro in the first place!

Fan and Lights

Then there’s the electrical apparatus to make the benefit work. You may not be getting the fan running, which can have an impact on venting. You might not be able to use the lights where there is a problem with a bulb or an electrical line. We will diagnose the problem – and fix it. 

Keypad and Controls

You also might have a problem with the keypad on the vent hood. Call JCL Appliance Repair Service and let us help with anything that’s concerning you at home. Your home systems are important! We know that, and they’re important to us, too, and that’s why you should call for a job well done. All over the Houston, TX area, we get calls for help all the time. We’re the pros!

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