A Novel Idea – Low Prices For Everybody!

Everybody wants their business to be different than the others. No matter what business you’re in, part of the competition is being able to offer something unique to your customers.

We think we’ve stumbled on a pretty interesting wrinkle in fixing people’s appliances and refrigeration gear.

It’s like this – having the lowest prices saves our customers money. We do that without sacrificing quality – giving people the results they would expect from a professional shop without a lot of sticker shock.

Low Estimates

Now, let’s talk about how we accomplish this stunning achievement…

Essentially, we’re saving you the service call fee that other companies like to tack on for additional profit.

In any business, you’re going to have this kind of markup around the industry – for instance, used car lots like to throw in dealer markup or dealer cost amounts to raise your overall price when you buy. They’ll explain how that covers a lot of storage and more – while you yawn, or look skeptically at the quote. 

Service call costs can be the same way. In many cases, there’s an automatic $100 or more on top of any money that you pay for actual service.

Of course, businesses need to cover their costs, but some of this gets really ridiculous. We thought about this, and that’s why we’re cutting out some of that cost and passing on the savings directly to our customers instead of just taking what most firms take because they can.

So then let’s talk about results – what do you need when you call an appliance professional?

You need the job done right, with the right technical experience and the right tools going to work for you. 

But we can do all that and cover our costs without billing an extra hundred dollars just for the privilege of scheduling an appointment.

And our customers truly appreciate that, because that’s money back in their pockets. Take a look at the website and you’ll see this in testimonials. You also see more information on the wide variety of appliances we work on and the large number of brands that our technicians are familiar with. We’re not cutting corners when it comes to what our customers receive in terms of professional service – but we are taking a pair of scissors to the cost, which makes us a go-to for people in the Houston, TX area. Get the best – and skip the rest! And think about what you’re going to do with that extra money!

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